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 "About Saddle Fit"

What Everyone Needs to Know About Saddle Fit

by Master Saddle Maker, David Genadek


Horse Network recommends About Saddle Fit' as the best presentation we have seen on the subject. David leads you through a clear, common-sense explanation of saddle fit.

You will learn...

  • About the horse and how his body works
  • What proper saddle fit is, and why
  • What makes a saddle tree fit
  • What the rigging does, and how
  • What makes a seat comfortable
  • Why saddles have skirts
  • How to tell if your saddle fits
  • The truth about padding
  • How to stop a poorly designed saddle from hurting your horse

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John LyonsJohn Lyons

"America's Most Trusted Horseman"

Photo courtesy Horse and Rider Magazine

John Lyons training methods have been written about in almost every major horse publication in the United States and many others around the world.  We're big fans of John and Zip and applaud his contribution to the horse world. We highly recommend a visit to his site!

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Find out more about Strawberry Hill Morgans in beautiful Northern Lower Michigan.

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Veterinarian designed EquiKit™ Horse Medical Kits.

Real Estate Auction March 7th:Outstanding Equine Property in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Home, 30 Acres, 2 Ponds, 3 Barns & Indoor Riding Arena.Visit our classifieds section.

Hoof Beats

Our Quick Reference Guide has all kinds of handy charts, tables and horse info.

Feeding have you baffled? Go to the guide for helpful tables.

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River View Ranch - Salinas, CA



Are your horse emergency medical kits in order and at the ready?

You need to be prepared BEFORE an emergency happens. We have an EquiKit™ in the Horse Network barn and consider it the most well thought out kit we've found. Designed by a veterinarian who knows that when an emergency arises you have to be able to 'grab and go' and not be fumbling for supplies.
equikit items
Doc Alaire has put together the Equikit equine first aid medical kits after many years of practical clinical experience. These are the best kits we've seen and are designed to aid you in helping your horse while you wait for your vet.
EquiKit™ Deluxe  
EquiKit™ Deluxe (no case)  
EquiKit™Foaling Kit  

Photographing Your Child and Horse
ImageBetty A. Muscott is an accomplished child photographer who will take you through the steps to help you capture that special bond between your horse and child in photography.

Featured Article
ImageMeet the training team of Bloom & Hansen, a talented duo who share their experiences and insights.

Vet tips!
ImageMeet Dr. Shanti Bhuyan. You'll find great tips in our veterinary health section.

Mike Zerbe Horseshoeing
ImageMeet Mike Zerbe. Mike offers a unique video analysis service for those stubborn lameness problems along with excellent general information on shoeing, choosing a farrier and identifying lameness.

Equine Dentistry
ImageLearn the ins and outs of Equine Dentistry with Jenny Kurz and Discerning Hands Equine Dentistry.

Kid's Corral
ImageJoin us in the Kid's Corral. You can write to Buddy and Amanda and share your pony stories, photos and drawings! List your 4H Pony club.

Trail & Camping Tips
ImageCome on down the trail with your guide Rhoda Ritter. Send along your own tips, questions or favorite trails and camping spots.

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A ringside exercise book for riders who want to improve their own and their horse's skills. The author of more than 600 articles on horses and related subjects demonstrates through a unique "read-and ride" format a variety of drills, from simple skills such as the "Working Walk and Jog" to more advanced "Two Squares", "Flying Change", and more. all are suitable for both English and Western riders.

The author, Cherry Hill , August 5, 1997 Designed so that you can Read 'n Ride I wrote this book on horseback. As I rode, I spoke into a tape recorder that I carried in a waist pack. That's why I know you will find it practical and useful. Each exercise is presented with an arena map and step-by-step instructions on how to ride the exercise. I also included Benefits, Cautions, Notes, Variations and a drawing for each exercise that shows an important positive aspect or a tendency to avoid. The binding allows the book to be hung like a calendar or draped over the arena rail so you can Read 'n Ride.

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